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Saturn Ruled

Still feeling very weird today.. Not sure why.. I just heard that our bitchy accountant is possibly going to be laid off, and that's a relief, but it's raised all kinds of questions about my own work circumstances. Not whether my job is secure or not, I'm pretty sure it is, CEO and CFO have both personally reassured me more than once, that I won't be laid off. But, the longer term, bigger picture.

What am I doing with my life? What would freedom look like?

I think that's partially one reason I chickened out of trying to go to the gig last night. Freedom. I feel it coming, and it's scary. I like my routine, my 4 walls, my safe job, no matter how Aquarian I think of myself, and we are supposed to love change. We are also partially ruled by Saturn though, according to the Ancients, before Uranus was discovered. Saturn didn't just up and abandon us, you know.

We are ruled paradoxically by both the planet of Great Stability, and the planet of Great Uncertainty.
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