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Well,  CEO is in town tomorrow. Typical mercury retrograde, confused messages, changes of plan..
I got all done up in my best cleavage-shirt this morning for nothing. Luckily I have a favourite tits-enhancing shirt #2 for tomorrow.  I overslept, because E stayed on Thursday, so the alarm was set for later on Friday morning, so I didn't get as ready as I would have liked, but that's all set for the right time tomorrow now.   I was up late last night, plucking eyebrows, doing all that 'girly' stuff that has been neglected lately.  Still have toes to paint.   Thankfully the cold-sore outbreak didn't come to much, and looks ok, considering.

I am laughing at myself,  and had the thought as I was brushing my 'unruly' hair this morning, "Oh God, I am Anastasia fucking Steele. Ick."  

Damn it..  Venus is in the last degree of Gemini today.

I really don't know what the fuck difference any of it will make to my life, anyway..   That's the sad part of it, isn't it?  What's going to happen? I am going to sit there all day trying to get a glimpse through into our conference room, to watch the back of CEO's head, while he's in a meeting all day.  My life is not going to change. He will come, he will go, things will stay the same. I will sit here like an asshole until his next visit in another 6 weeks, and there we go again.
My wonderful breakfast in bed on an Sunday lifestyle will continue to be a dream, and I will still feel bad about having it.   

Meanwhile, I have made plans next weekend, to go visit a friend in Seattle, I will get the train up. I can't wait.  That will make more of a difference to my life, I haven't really traveled by myself in a long while. I am looking forward to it.  I need to book a ticket.

Today's stars from Russell Grant touched a nerve. I am not ready for that yet. 

"You're going in a different direction from your friends, which is a little unnerving. Still, you can't resist your fate. It's time to go where the opportunities are. A chance to teach, write, or study will put you on stable ground. You might have to break free of an oppressive relationship. At first, you'll wonder how you will survive without the help of a powerful employer or partner. Soon you will realise you're much better off going solo. Embrace your freedom."
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