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Too much cancer

Had a good weekend. Friday night at our favourite pizza place, with beer. Spent Saturday at E's mom's place, which is always fun, I love her.
Sunday I was in hospital visiting a friend who was in for chemo. That wasn't so fun. Oh my God I never want cancer.. The poor guy, he was so tired..I spent about 1/2 hour giving him Reiki. He's Christian, but I think at this point, he will go for anything he can. He's also doing lots of homeopathy and eating certain things I've found on line that fight cancer, such as graviola and cherries.  E was sad, they're very close, but he always amazes me how practical he is about things in his point of view. 

I was practising my photo-shop skills, which really are abysmal, but I managed at least to photo-shop CEO's wife's hand out of the photo I have of him.  ;-)  I am such an ass.    I got a whole pile of his business cards through the mail today, when I asked for a couple.  He didn't acknowledge my email, but it was nice to get the cards....  So he does read them, that's good. 

God I'm tired.  I could just go home now and take a nice long nap..  I didn't sleep well last night, took me forever to go to sleep. My feet were cold. I hate going to sleep with cold feet, especially in August!  FFS.

My uncle's condition has deteriorated a bit over the weekend too apparently, he had to stay in hospital while they drained his lungs of fluid. His cancer hasn't really responded to chemo.  I worry for my Dad, he's his best friend.  I think once my uncle's gone, my Dad might lose the will a little too. He's not getting younger himself.  He's not old, but I know him well enough, he is a pessimist.  I will need to go home and spend some time with him when his brother goes. Hopefully before. I have never been all that close to my uncle, but last time I was home, we connected, and he's actually a pretty cool guy.  That's going to be hard, only having a limited time there, and leaving to come home here again.  Sometimes I wish I didn't live so far away from family. 
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