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A Shared Feast

I spent an hour with CEO this morning.  We had scheduled a half hour. He blew off my other boss who had the half hour after me.  :)
I went in for my meeting and said "Ok, I am busting you out of here, we're going to get some sun and some breakfast", and took him to our local coffee shop. He didn't even know about it, nobody had taken him there yet!
We had teas, and shared a crepe, sitting on the patio of my favourite coffee shop.  It was so absolutely fucking lovely. He just picked up a 2nd fork, and handed it to me, and we sat there with the plate between us and shared his meal. It felt like a feast we had on each other.  I just wanted to feed him with energy and love.
He looked so fucking Divine. I can't describe it.  So alive and happy.  His eyes are amazing. So full of humour and life and intelligence. He's more alive than anybody I have met in a long time.
We talked about all kinds of stuff, people in the office, his wife, E, everything. He is 5'8" on a good day, and we even talked about him being a little psychic too.  He doesn't think he's as psychic as I am, but I think he has definitely more extra-sensory perceptions than a lot of people do.

I told him that E wasn't 'the one' and that we had sort of accidentally started dating after my divorce, and that I loved him, 'but'..  He said I should tell E soon that that was how I felt, that I didn't want to get too serious about it.  So, he knows I could be available, and I'm not crazy in love with E.  I apologized and said "Sorry, I didn't mean to ask you for dating advice." He grinned this gorgeous grin.

That was a precious hour, well worth the wait, all the anticipation yesterday. Fuck, it did NOTHING to diminish my absolute crush...  I think my heart is about to go through another major test here, one way or another.  Serious feelings today. It's gone way beyond just purely physical.

We buzzed off each other all day, sending all kinds of wonderful smiles and glances, until he left at 3.30 to catch his plane, with a nice firm, warm hug.  I took care of him all day, ordered him lunch, etc.
I think at the very least, I have a wonderful new friend.  And probably, realistically, it is just that. He seems happily married. He went out of his way to tell me that he was, at least.

But he IS about to head into his Uranus opposition, it's just starting, and he has Neptune about to station in a little while bang on his (possible) Dsc, and the N Node and Juno conjunct on his Jupiter. So who knows.  We both have Lilith perched on our conjunct Saturns at the moment too.  The Lady Temptress, loosening up our structured lives perhaps.

I went to clear up the conference room when he left, and there was a can of Grape Crush on the table that he had been drinking.  How appropriate.
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