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Cat Kibble

Dreamt that I was with some young Dude about 25, we were making out at a party. He was cute, dark curly hair. I asked him if he was Navaho.
Ex's and my old cat was there, I panicked when I realized I hadn't fed her or given her any loving in a very long time, and we had to go out and buy her some kibble.

2 1/2 years later, I still miss that cat so fucking badly... Every day.  I was so sad when I woke up.  I hate dreaming about her, it always leaves me feeling heartbroken, or panicky that I haven't fed her. Not the first time I have had that dream.
I also was thinking what a pain in the ass it would be, to have to start another relationship now, and get to know somebody else and go through that whole process again.. Urgh..  

I put in a long walk last night.  Need to burn off some calories. It didn't help that my neighbor had baked some cream puffs yesterday, and stuck a note to my door. I shared them with my other neighbor.At least I earned one. Could have been worse, I suppose.

I will have to book that weight loss hypnotherapy.   Scientology is dead against hypnotherapy apparently, I can see why, if they are trying to 'clear' somebody of all the negative scripts we learn, but you know, it's always worked for me. I'd rather have something positive put in there, personally.  I can't see myself going 'Clear' any time soon.  ;) 

I didn't book another course. I liked the communication course a lot, but the hassle you get when you go there, or stop going there, is too much for me. 

I am currently watching Saturn edge it's way out of Libra, minute by long minute..

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