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Ok, so today I am a touch obsessive. I own it. I admit it.  It's been a slow day in the office, apart from all the stuff I've been doing for CEO. At the very least, it's a great excuse for me to study up on astrology.

Here's the chart for that meeting I scheduled with him next week.  There are, as far as I can tell, only a few challenging aspects, and a whole crapload of really good ones.  That Jupiter is exactly trine my own natal Sun, and the Moon Venus conjunction is exactly opposite my Mercury, which should make the day interesting.  See all those greens between Moon/Venus, Pluto, Chiron/Neptune? And Mars, Pluto, Moon/Venus?  Magickal..   Saturn is conjunct my Lilith, which I am in depth looking at right now.  It could be good. I'm not sure. Empowerment in some schools of thinking, problems and depression, in others.

Not that any of this will really make a crapload of difference to my real life situation, but I'd rather have some of these aspects than not.  I tried to schedule earlier, before the Moon/Venus was in separating aspect, but that was not to be. Somebody else grabbed that 8.30 slot.

Image from the website, which is freakin' fabulous, check it out for yourself.  My only argument with it, is that Aries is always on the Asc, they never give you the actual Asc for where you are at that time, so I will have to draw up another chart for that specifically. You can play around with planetwatcher as much as you like though, and adjust the time to whatever, to play with timing of things, I love it.   

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