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So...  We have a transfer to our office from CEO's office.  Nice guy.  We had a chat about stuff yesterday afternoon, I was trying not to push him too hard, but was kind of asking questions about CEO, among other people, you know, just a general "What do I need to know?" exchange..  It was quite disappointing..

Apparently CEO is very much in love with his wife, for one thing.  He said "You should see him, he loves her so much".  Hmm..  Bummer.. Bang go all my fantasies about anything ever moving beyond my crush into something tangible. I know, it's not a good idea anyway, to date your boss, is it, but..  I had had the stupid hope that somehow, the Universe would realign itself, through some big piece of magick somehow, and I would get what I wanted. I mean, after all, it's all about me. ;-)

And, what's worse, is he told me some girl in their office a few years ago hit on him, and he fired her soon afterwards. Hhmm, something tells me there's more to that than meets the eye, possibly. Like having Venus in Gemini.

OK, feeling a little heartbroken, treading carefully, minding my p's and q's, wondering about the signals I was getting, whether they really were just my imagination, and moving on... 

I don't really want some possibly fanatical, sexually complicated, uptight Catholic Christian, with a guilt complex and all that comes with it, anyway. So I tell myself. 

Funnily enough, the Universe seems to have been conspiring to keep me and E apart, we didn't spend Friday or Saturday together last week, and this week, he's been out sick for 3 days now. I have had several lunch times to myself, which has been really nice, I went shopping yesterday with one of my female co-workers, it was fun! And no date night this week, so I have been eating less, walking more, and enjoying my own space, and even doing a little housework!  I managed to sweep and clean my wood floors the other night. 

Venus was opposing my natal Sun yesterday. 
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