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I am having a fun day.. ;-)
CEO is SUCH a sweetheart. So thoughtful and sincere.
He got here about 10.15, and was hungry as he'd missed breakfast, so I had some fruit which I gave him, fresh figs. I looked up on the internet out of curiosity, because I am weird that way, what figs represent in mythology, and mostly, they represent temptation.. Haaaa… Yes indeed.. ;-)

Anyway, he LOVES fresh figs, turns out, and that was a real hit. Good one, me! I swear, I didn’t actually plan that one. I just happened to have fresh figs today. (And my best cleavage-enhancing shirt on). Must have been subconscious. The figs, not the shirt..
We are scheduled to have a half hour tomorrow morning at 9.30, and when we were talking about lunch arrangements, he hesitated, and asked when we were scheduled, and I think there was almost a lunch invitation.. Almost.
Or maybe I imagined that part, don’t know.. But I don’t think so! Then I think he caught himself and stopped. Dammit.
I said, “But I am flexible, we can always change that time to later in the day if you need to.” God, I can be a shameless and so ‘innocent’ a flirt when needs be.
What, me? No, I wasn’t flirting, I didn’t mean that.. So long as he knows, I am flexible. That's an image of me I wanted to plant in his boy-brain.  

I love that my English heritage gives me such a good background in how to drop innocent double-entendres. 

He is absolutely fucking Drop Dead Gorgeous.. Sigh.. And today, annoyingly, he’s not sitting in my view, I can’t see him so well as last time. Still, at least that means I might stand a chance of getting something DONE around here this week..
I was talking with D, 'Master's' old friend about it, he is visiting again today and tomorrow, he drove down yesterday to look at some more houses here.
He said something interesting, “What would you do or feel about him, if there were no consequences, and you didn’t feel any guilt?” Good fucking question. 
Guilt is over rated. It stops us doing so much. Not that I am totally immoral, but... We act out of fear so often, rather than love. Guilt is fear-driven, always.
 I’d probably do and say the same things, but there wouldn’t be the fear behind it, it would come from somewhere different in me.
 We had a blast last night, sat up way too late, and he wanted to look at every single ONE of my road trip photos, he used to live very near to the part we went to, so it was home for him, not somebody else’s boring vacation photos.

 I love having another GUY I can talk to about guys, they really don't judge like some women do. :)   I am lucky that way, I have him, and Sartorius, and both are amazing. 
Both of them, are so very very comfortable with not getting all moralistic and never encourage me to do the 'right' thing, just what is right for me. And that's not necessarily going to be the superficially 'good' thing, either. I really fucking value that.

I am definitely detecting a lot of electricity flowing between me and CEO today, and I don't think it is entirely one-way, either. 

God damn, I want to go into that conference room right now, and throw him on the table and rip the clothing the fuck off his muscular, fit-looking body.  He looks like he'd be a great wrestling partner.  Now I'm having fantasies about wrestling him, (or being wrestled) to the ground..  I would love to see him naked, I really would.  He has exactly the body type I always find sexy as hell.  Shortish, (he's probably about 5'7" or 8), stocky, muscular, fit.  Gorgeous arms.   

Bizarre dream life this morning, I dreamt I was sleeping on top of a cliff next to Oprah and was scared I was going to fall off. Oprah, WTF? I have never, ever even watched her show. I guess I'm scared of being superficial.    
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