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Fuck this

Dreamt this morning that I went to previous Master's ashram. HW invited me. I was giving Ex's step-daughter some Reiki and one of the women, S, who's known as a complete control freak, pulled me away across the floor to get me to stop, and took a photo of me, and said I was lucky, she was going to delete it this time, but next time she would send it to 'Central'.
I asked her why, and what did she need photo for? Then I said "fuck this", and said to everybody else there, "You're all welcome to call me, I love you all, but this is fucking bullshit." And I got up and left.
I went to my Dad's house. His best friend was there.

Interesting.. I had been thinking about a girl that I was good friends with there, who has moved back to town just recently. She emailed me yesterday, which was nice. I guess this is a warning not to be pulled back into that situation. They are no better than N's people, or is that the other way around, they both think the other is wrong.  Neither is about love, only manipulation, which is a shame, as the Dharma, and Previous Master, were very much ok. The people around them, and what they did with the Dharma, however, are mostly not ok.

My dream life has been very interesting lately. 2 recent dreams, although tangentially, about Previous Master, and several of deep love-bliss.

I just reread the 2 dreams I had about CEO, and that's not bullshit, is it?  I take my dreams seriously, for better or worse.
 I talked to S on the phone for about 2 hours last night, and one thing she said, was whatever our new transfer-guy has said about CEO and the state of his marriage, is only possibly what CEO wants people to see and think.  He is, after all, maintaining a corporate image of himself to protect his business, too.  I forget that.I am clutching at straws here.. ;)

But, maybe I will need that whip and the Nun outfit after all. I have not given up on the idea.   

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