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I am wonderful!

Oh dear GOD our CEO is hot... Smells fucking AMAZING today.. I have been going in and out of the conference room all morning on various lame excuses, breathing him in, and leaning over the table with low cleavage..  I am starting to worry whether there is a large wet patch on my jeans now... I am drooling from every orifice. 

Figs. Apparently, I had safe search on. Sartorius did not, figs are a lot more blatantly sexual than I had found out yesterday.  So, I literally offered him my cunt. You bet I did.
I gave him strawberries this morning, a nice fresh bowl of ripe red ones. He was so grateful, and said 'Wow, you really know me already, I didn't have time for breakfast today either."  Big score..  

He called me wonderful just now, too.  I am, he knows it, that's good.

We are set up for a meeting later this afternoon, he had to delay mine, several other meetings ran over, and that's ok.  I am fine with that. I might get longer than 1/2 hour, he's freer later on.  He was so awesomely tripping over himself to make sure I didn't feel bad about the change of plans, and that I would get a full 1/2 hour with him, it was hilarious. He went well out of his way to make sure I didn't feel dissed or unimportant.  And all I want to do, is rip his fucking clothes off and challenge him to a wrestling match. 

D last night was awesome, we had dinner with S, and the 3 of us talked out what my strategy should be, and D gave me a ton of hints from a guy's perspective, he also said that he was 100% sure CEO went home last night and jerked off over me. What makes him so sure?  "He's a GUY, we DO that!"  Ok then. I will take that. LOL.. I  LOVE D, he's a great friend.  

D also told me to go commando today, because then CEO would be able to smell me.  OMG, I'm not sure that's not too much OTT.. lol   I didn't, it's very uncomfortable with tight jeans on, plus it's date night with E tonight, and he's gonna wonder, if I do that.  I am wearing just a little Ylang Ylang oil today, I know so many guys who say that is irresistible. 

E is going to get so lucky tonight, I know that much.  I SO need to get laid, I am SO fucking horny today. 

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