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Lovely Evening

Had a lovely evening last night, though a little weird.. lol

A and I made friends again, it was really nice. We hugged. He looked gorgeous, but you know, I was not hooked in!  It was just 'nice'.  He is off again in a week to Thailand for another year, anyhow. And thankfully, his 'friend' wasn't at the party last night.  He has been dating some chick for the last few weeks, apparently, they have been eating Sister out of house and home. Nice. He's such an inconsiderate vampire. 

E was there, as was the other E, who I have not really mentioned. He's complicated, though cute, and frankly reminds me way too much of Ex's older brother.  So a few years ago, we were at another of Sister's parties and we flirted a little. There's a 'vibe' there always, but I would never date him. Him and E are getting to be friends, which is nice.  The 2 E's. 
Anyway, it was hilarious and a good ego boost to see the effect that it had on all 3 of them, who were in line behind me, when I went up to get my stuff from the buffet table, and didn't have enough hands, so I stuffed my wine glass down my cleavage.  ;-) 

I realized this morning, the extra 20lbs I have put on, and hate, actually doesn't seem to affect how attractive guys find me. If anything, I think I am getting more attention now than I have in a long time!  I think it's the tits and ass. They don't seem to really notice the flabby belly so much, they always just stare at the tits. It's a revelation to realize that. It's sort of changing my thinking about myself somewhat.

Today, I am having lunch with my cute and flirty financial advisor, too.   

And tomorrow, CEO gets into town for 3 days...  Urk.   I will try not to lose my marbles.  Breathing, breathing..   I keep hoping that when he comes, I will not find him totally hot, after all, but it never happens that way, I always melt instantly. 
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