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Past Present Future

Got an email from my mom this morning, Ex has changed his email address. He didn't include me in the people he wanted to know about it, I guess. I didn't get that one.  Still, I am glad he at least sent it to my mom, so if I need it for any reason, she at least knows where to find him.
So sad, that 10 years of marriage came to that, he doesn't even want me to know his new email addess. How did that even happen? I have been thinking about him a lot the last few days, so wasn't really surprised that there was some form of communication, even if it wasn't to me directly.

I have been at E's all weekend, it's been nice, we watched movies, had sex 3 times, drank wine, stayed up too late, and cooked a great meal last night. Why can't I be entirely happy with that?  Why am I still thinking about my ex, and about CEO? Jesus, I am split 3 ways, past, present and imagined future.

I think I need to go see my fave tarot reader/astrologer again soon.  He took me up to about now, last time. Said I would be traveling in the late summer, early fall, and I have, 2 trips in the last month.  He's batting 4 for 4 right now.   He also said way back, that I would see some vindication with my situation with Ex, and that I would see signs of my uncle's illness getting worse by the fall. That's true, that's happening. He has spent the last few weeks with numerous trips to the hospital with his cancer and related symptoms.

Time for a new reading.  I will try to get there in the week.
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