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Someone Else's Attitude

"Love Focus - Weekly Update: The more you try to explain the way you feel, the less sense you make! That is because you are dealing with a situation that is not supposed to make any sense. Emotions are not logical. They never have been and they never will be. That does not mean that they are worthless or that they deserve to be ignored. Your current powerful reaction is someone else's attitude. It is indicative of an important issue that has yet to fully arise. Heed your inner-voice. You can't allow it to lead you completely, but you can let it guide you."

And Jonathan Cainer is rarely wrong.. I guess I am looking at all this through one end of the kaleidoscope.  I love that last sentence. Yeah, I would run myself into a brick wall, if left to my own devices sometimes.

Feeling a little better today, though I woke up feeling a considerable amount of anxiety about my future, one way or another, regarding E, and what to do or not do.  Damned if I do, damned if I don't.    Maybe it's not my choice to even make, that's a very arrogant assumption on my part.  
And anxiety about facing another cold, dark winter, possibly alone. 

I have the last of my Scientology communications course tonight, I skipped the last 2 weeks, vacation and D was in town, and a general sense of overwhelm, I have too much going on in my life at the moment, squeezing in a night a week for a study course has felt a little too much. I will leave it a while before (if) I take another class there.  

SO many people whose opinions I respect, can't stand Scientologists.  I can see why not.  I had 3 phone calls on Sunday morning, wondering why I hadn't shown up for class last week, and could they have my new mailing address. I actually had to hang up on one woman, she was so insistent and had an answer ready for everything.  I am so glad they DON'T have my mailing address.. lol  

Brr.. Overwhelm this week..  On tenterhooks awaiting Saturn into Scorpio.  Could get icky. Er.  I must bear in mind that's my 6th house, work environment.. E? CEO?  Ok, DO not get involved in anything sticky or secretive in the work place.. Ha..  

NEXT week, I will find the time to:  Go see my tarot reader; get an eye test; do some astrology for friends and one PAYING client; book some hypnotherapy for weightloss I have a Groupon for; book some toenail fungus laser treatments, for which I have another Groupon.  Love Groupon.    

I maybe need to write myself a personal To Do list, not just one for work. 
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