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Strict Catholic

God-damn motherfucking cocksucking son-of-a-bitch..
I heard this week from another employee at his primary company, that CEO is quite a strict Catholic, and a little uptight about certain stuff, like drinking in the office.  Wow..

He does like wine though, just not in the office.

Ah, well, strict Catholics are always the worst ones, aren't they? It would be fun to corrupt him, I feel.  I will wear a shiny rubber Nun's outfit and crack a whip, perhaps.  ;-)

(Wow, that's not the vibe I got, at all.. But maybe I'm picking up the bad boy end of that particular dilemma!)

So, he might not be divorcing his wife any time soon then, which is my utter fantasy.   

I better pay attention, I was given that info for a reason.

He does have Jupiter in Scorpio opp Saturn and Venus in Taurus. Jupiter there can breed religious fanaticism or sexual addiction. So he's a normal Catholic man then, that's good. Confused, horny and guilty.

OR he could be the meanest baddest tantric fuckgod that ever lived. I live in hope, don't burst my bubble... 
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