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OK, we are on for 9.30 this morning.  :)

I had a really terrible night's sleep, was just full of energy, mind buzzing..  I woke at 3, and spent about an hour sending CEO some Reiki. My usual 'meditation' is to do that now, send people Reiki, rather than lie awake all night, I might as well be doing something useful.

So all this energy just POURED down into me, and my heart opened right up. That happened last time I sent CEO some Reiki too.  I was just on fire!   Finally, drifted off to sleep about 5, and dreamt that CEO and I were in a cafe, he was looking at some cassette tapes, and picked up one of The Cure. I said, "Wow, you like The Cure? We really are compatible!"  He hugged me to him, and we just melted in this energy again, bright white light, love-bliss.  SUCH an awesome dream.. 
But, still just a dream.  I should find out one day if he likes The Cure.

I am smiling anyway.

Got him a nice fresh organic apple this morning. I am enjoying spoiling him.  He was really appreciative though, and went on to tell me how he had planned on going to bed early last night, and found himself up until 2, watching Harold and Kumar, apparently there's a scene in the one I haven't seen yet, where one of them gets his junk stuck to a frozen pole?  He was laughing so hard, it was so sweet, he's so fucking sexy when he laughs, he totally lights up.

Anyway, I thought that was an interesting conversation starter this morning.  :)  Talking about his lack of sleep last night, and then about male genitalia.. 

E stayed last night, he didn't get any. I just wasn't in the mood, I was tired and sleepy.  He had really bad breath this morning, too, and his snoring was why I stayed awake after I woke at 3, I had to go get earplugs!  God, I love E, but he's really looking less and less like the direction I want my life to go in. It's so hard..  I am so torn up.

I am going to call astrology mentor at the weekend for a nice long chat about it all.   I am still drifting on that blissful dream of Love. 
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