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The End of Summer

We're taking a little time off this weekend since we start back to school on Tuesday. One last chance to soak up some rays and spend time with family and a few friends.

I remember my brothers and I would always HATE this time of year since we would dread having to say goodbye to the summer and all the fun we were having, and get ready for, ugh, school to start back!

We always tried to think of ways to s.....t.....r.....e.....t.....c.....h..... the time to make summer last longer, but I guess since we were totally concentrating on doing that, the time just went by faster.

On the other hand, our parents would be in such a good mood since they would finally have some quiet(er) time on their hands, instead of having three really rambunctious boys running around all the time!

Even though they never said this, I can look back now and imagine them seeing their one "bouncy" son with ADHD as counting for "five" kids! They definitely deserve some kind of award!

I'm afraid I might have sounded something like this when I was a kid.
Thanks to Becky for sending this to me.
One thing our teachers use to do when we started school in September was to go around the room and have each one of us say something about what we did on summer vacation. I think this is something all teachers were taught to do when they went to Teacher's College because Brad said he had to do this in his school also.

My mom always made sure I sat down two days before school started so I could write out some of the major things I did over the summer. Because of my attention problems I would have gone on and on about every single detail when it got my time to report. I had to narrow my list down from the 500 things I did {slight exaggeration there!} to one or two things I might share.

This is a tradition I've actually continued to this day, believe it or not. It's nice to go back and remember some of the highlights.

This summer Brad and I went to our first Gay Pride Youth Dance. We took our next door neighbor, Jake, with us where he met another high school boy. It's been fun watching them get to know each other. In some ways they remind Brad and I of what it was like when we first started dating.

We also enjoyed a long weekend getaway on Cape Cod with some friends.

Then there was our decision to start a new Relationship Tradition by scheduling a date with each other every Wednesday night. Our very own "Date Night." {*sigh*}

And there was that phone call I got from my boss asking me to meet him early the next day so he could offer me a job promotion!

It's been a pretty good summer I must say. Too short, as usual, but good.

Oh, since I have these attention problems (or "challenges" as my school counselor use to say), I just have to share this pic which was posted by ADHD Awareness on Facebook recently:

Can you spot the little kid with ADHD?

"Okay, refocus, Matty" (that's my mom's voice in my head).

To all you parents out there who have kids returning to school, enjoy (hopefully) a return to some normalcy.

We'll see all of you around the corner and I'm sure we'll have plenty of good stories about our new term.

Now it's your turn:

What one or two things will you remember most about this past summer? Any memorable vacations? Any major (or minor) achievements? Any good memories? Anything you're proud of? Anything to brag about?
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