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The Real Thing

Dreamt I was in bed with CEO this morning, and he was behind me, holding me. He whispered in my ear, "I want the real thing, do you want the real thing too?" 

Fuck, yes please. I do.  

Urgh, what IS it about dreams like that??  So real, so vivid.  Does the person you dream about ever have the corresponding dream? Did he dream he was in bed with ME last night, asking me if I wanted the real thing?  Probably not, but I can dream he did. 

They leave you feeling a bit haunted all day, don't they? Wondering?  

He's in town again in just over a week, I should find a way to slip that one into a sentence somehow, and see what happens. ;-) 

I showed Sister the photo of him on Facebook, she agreed with S and her sister, that yes, he's leaning away, trying to break free from this wife who has this firm grip on his shoulder, like she's trying to keep him slipping away. Sister said that without knowing what S said about it. 

See, I come back from the most AMAZING road trip I've ever been on, with my DEAR friend, and first thing I launch into, is a post about my obsession with CEO.  Ok, there's something to take notice of, it hasn't lessened since I went away.  I thought about him a lot on the trip.  
We had dinner at this phenomenal mountain lodge, spectacular views, and all I could think was "this would be a great place for our honeymoon" Um, yeah, I am officially psycho-nuts. Guys, I am sorry, but I think I'm not the only woman who thinks like that. Hate to scare you..   

Anyway, I did enjoy the road trip a lot, too, a zillion photos, and we had a blast. 
Men in Xxxxx state are horny bastards, and not at all like the men at home. Know how many times we got seriously hit on?  It was great for my ego!!  Local bars are the place to find desperate men, I guess, and women from out of state that aren't the usual crew, are probably waaayyy more fun to hit on.  Sister is tall and gorgeous, that helps.  We could have had a lot of fun. ;-)   We didn't, we were good.  

E is on his way over in an hour, I did miss him, too. WIll be nice to settle down for 2 days more of Holiday weekend, before going back to work on Tuesday!!  
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