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51 Days

Here's a thought. 21/12/2012. The end of the Long Count Mayan Calendar, the day that our Sun crosses the midpoint of the Galaxy. It happens every 26,000 years.

We have 51 days left. What would YOU do, if that was all we had left?  I mean really, what would you do?

I would book a ticket to go see the Pyramids, the Temples of India, take a cross-continent train-ride through the mountains, swim with dolphins, fuck my boss, slap my Ex in the face, go play a lot of pool, smoke a pack a day, go visit the Mother Guru in Europe, go back to Australia and lay on a beach in the warm sun and wait for it to set on the last day ever.

Really, I don't know. All the New Agey types say 'live for the moment', but who really has the courage, who really doesn't fear the consequences? I do.

But it's a sobering thought, isn't it? What if we really did have just 51 days left.
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