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Chest massage

Dreamt CEO was talking to me across a table in a room upstairs in a house, then he came around the table and sat next to me. I sat one cheek on the edge of his lap, then got embarrassed and moved away a little. He moved closer again, then asked me to massage his chest! He stood up and took his shirt off, and I was massaging some hard muscle to soften it up, almost like armour in front of his heart. He had quite a hairy chest in the dream, I hope that's not the reality, I'm not that into body hair.
One of the other company partners came in and saw us, so we pretended like nothing had happened. He made us go to a meeting downstairs with everybody, all the old people I worked with when I first started there. So we walked downstairs, and carried on like nothing happened. But it had happened.
 Some Tibetan guy sat next to me on a bus gave me strange herbs to swallow, dark brown, bitter. Some other guy gave me something else, and I said it was weird, people keep giving me strange powdered herbs to take, under odd circumstances, maybe there's something my body is missing.

I love/hate dreaming about CEO. They're always weird dreams, always feel very intimate, sweet, informal, not 'professional'. Lovely.  They make me sad, I so want that in my waking life with him too.

I had 3 glasses of wine last night, (one of my bosses gave me one about 4.30), and E and I had the best sex we've had in a quite a while. It's me, I loosen up a lot when I'm somewhat drunk. I think he appreciated it!  ;)
I asked my manager yesterday never under any circumstances, to let me drink in front of CEO.. lol!!

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