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Collecting my stuff

My stars for tomorrow. No shit, Sherlock.  
"Without some level of fantasy in our worlds, life would be incredibly dull. We need some form of escapism, to focus from time to time on worlds of our creation. Sometimes, we focus so greatly on a fantastic outcome that lines become blurred between the world we wish we existed within and the one we exist within. Be 'live' to the fact that this might be something you're doing now."

Yeah, who isn't guilty of a little of that once in a while.  Do I need my stars to remind me? Uh, no, thanks. 

Dreamt this morning, that I was in a department store, Macy's or somewhere, and I saw Ex.  He was with some black chick and a small kid, a boy about 3.  He was acting like he hadn't seen me, avoiding eye contact, so I made contact, made him acknowledge me, and I went back to his house to collect all the rest of my things. I still have some things that are probably in storage somewhere now, or given to Goodwill, or whatever, and will never see the light of day again.

We split all the kitchen contents, knives, forks, etc, and his girlfriend was touching my arm in a friendly way.  I told her to stop. I wasn't comfortable with that.  Too fucking familiar, in an awkward situation. 

I really want some of that stuff back.  I wish I had the courage to go over to the house and collect it. 

So, on some level, we're good now. I have collected my things, at least in my dream life. I think that's interesting.

I still have so much sadness about it all though.  So fucked up, that 2 people who really did love each other, and wanted to spend their lives together, and who had a future to look forward to together, can't even talk to each other any more.  

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