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Just sent CEO a quick note, with a link to my Flickr page and photos of my visit home. I don't think that's weird or unreasonable, he said he loves the UK, and that he wished he was going with me!   I pulled his chain a little, said that him liking England because he had been to Kensington, was like me saying I like Hollywood.  Ha, let's see what I get back, if anything.

I also said sorry I missed him when he was here last, and I hope that my office-mates took good care of him. My manager didn't give him the nice tea I got him, she forgot. Probably just as well. 

Fuck..  WHY do I feel all these stupid damn feelings for him?  The most unavailable man in the entire Universe.

I have had reason to actually work with E today, and he's deaf, I don't know how many times I have had to repeat myself.  Drives me crazy.

Big Halloween party in work today, that's always fun. I don't do dress-up, but I did today, managed to squeeze into a pair of my old Goth-flavored pants and t-shirt, not really much of a "Halloween" thing per se, but.. still a good excuse to wear something fun to work.

My manager's sending out photos to all at our other offices, including CEO.  I am feeling a little fat and self-conscious now.

JUST got a quick one-line iPhone reply from CEO, he's looking forward to finding a moment to look at my pics later. He said he lived in London for 4 months, so he knows it's not all like Kensington. That's good then. He still likes it.  ;)  
That was, for him, a very quick response time.   
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