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He called me

Ha, CEO just called and wanted to talk to ME! (He usually calls, I pick up, and he wants somebody else here).  He asked me what I thought about a new hire. I met her on Friday. 

I have always made a point of emailing him and giving my first impressions of new hires, he knows I am a little psychic, we've talked about it, and I guess he's come to trust that! I have been batting pretty good so far.  I liked her.
They flew her up, and interviewed her this morning, he didn't think she was up for it.  Sad..

But he called and asked me, because I was hanging on this time, didn't email him first, I wanted to see what would happen. Haha.. 

That, I find pretty awesome.  :)  

Oh, small steps.  Tiny steps. Not exactly a marriage proposal, is it?  I am laughing at myself.  How happy silly small things like that make us when we're in that zone, eh?  (rolls eyes at self). 
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