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Murphy's Law

Oh crap... KNEW that would happen. Fuck you, Murphy, whoever you were.

I book my ticket to visit home for a week, and WHEN is CEO here?  I get an email from him this morning, "Please set up appointments for my next visit, 23rd-25th."   Of course. 

I am still waiting for the email that says "Oh, I am sorry you won't be there, I will miss you too."  Well, at least it looks like I'm not available, in a good way, I hope. He might well miss me. I go overboard taking care of him when he's here, so he might miss that level of care and detail.  Our lot are great, but they're a little lacking in consideration for others, sometimes.  I've been all "Hey, you're the boss, what do you need?"  

Bugger it.  Still, it's probably just as well. I am on the verge of overstepping my professional boundaries if I'm not more careful, I think last time, I almost did. This might help me keep my job for another 6 weeks. 

And I am sad that I won't get to see Sartorius this time, or my dear TS gf from my home town, who I have yet to meet in person. She's going to Europe that week. Ah well.
I am going home primarily to spend time with my Dad and his brother, who is getting sicker and sicker from cancer, and it will likely be the last time I get to spend with him, who knows. So not a lot of time to socialize at all, but.. Hopefully enough to get laid at least once.  ;)  
Next on my agenda, get in touch with hot ex from school, and see if he's still up for some extra-curricular activities.  I sure am.  It did my ego no end of good when he kissed me last time 2 years ago now. At the very least, there's S. I might get lucky twice.  I so need that.

Had sex with E once this entire weekend. That was partly me, but I think he's also not that inclined any more.  He doesn't show much effort.   It was an ok weekend, though I am starting to notice my getting more irritated with things like his snoring, loud nose-breathing, eating, etc.

I just don't think I'm cut out for being in a long term committed relationship. Not at this point in my life at least.  Not even if CEO really wanted me. At least, I'd have to be radically honest about my own emotional liabilities, and he's the kind of guy who would want everything, I'm guessing, he would not want to be 2nd place, for sure.
I have been doing some thinking, what would I really do or say, if it got to that?    I would love to have to find that out.

I lost 1/2 a pound last week.  It's a start..  
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