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Watch out. Voter Bradley is going to the polls!

Guess what? This year I will be able to VOTE for the very first time!

The last Presidential election we had was in 2008 and I was too young to vote (even though I had a very informed opinion about the election!).

But this year, WATCH OUT!

Bradley from Boston is going to the polls!

I've not only been paying close attention to the candidates and the political parties, but I've also been doing some research on how U.S. elections work.

Did you know only 538 people in the entire country are eligible to cast a ballot for President?

And did you know it takes only 270 votes to be elected President?

I kid you not! Check out this link. It's all in the Constitution (Article II, Section 1, and the 12th Amendment). 

I mentioned a while back that I'm taking a political science course and one of the requirements of the course is we have to find a way to get actively involved in local or national politics. So I contacted the campaign of the candidate I'm for and joined their Campus Team at my school. I'm on this committee they have to make sure other students get to the polls on November 6 (or if they're from another state, to make sure they voted by mail).

So Voter Bradley has this message if you are a U.S. citizen:

"I better NOT be the ONLY person who votes on November 6! The country is voting on 538 people who will meet on December 17 to select our President. This is an important election for many reasons. So get thee to the polls on November 6!"
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