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Back that ass up!

Just spent the last hour and a half sitting next to CEO in our big company meeting today. It was, I swear, the only chair left in the room. Glaringly. I guess nobody wanted to sit next to the CEO. And who was on the other side of me?  E.  So there I was, sitting in between them both.  Weird. 

He touched my butt. Ok, so it was probably 99% an accident, I sort of backed into him, (unintentionally, I swear, I honestly didn't see him), when I was carrying something, but he didn't move his hand out of the way.    I know it was just an accident, but..  That's not where I went with it.  ;)  
There has been a little touching going on, you know, the innocent kind, a quick touch on the hand here, a little bumping of elbows there.. All of it instigated by him, I have been very careful, (apart from accidentally backing my ass up), not to go there.

Just had a lovely few minutes on the phone with CFO, who is also kinda cute.. CEO's best bud.  Oh, don't think I haven't gone there.. 

I am more fucking horny today than I have been in a LONG time..  And trying hard not to show it!  Shit, sexual tension..  I don't think I'm imagining that it's more than a one-sided deal.  Maybe I am. I will probably never know.  I just don't think he's a bad boy, unfortunately.  
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