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Eclipse in Scorpio

I have a guy that keeps refering to me on my FB page as "soulsister".  Honestly. We were part of a bus tour of 50 people, back in 1997, and I now live in a different country. We have met twice.

Seriously, what constitutes a 'soulsister'?  Not that, I'm pretty sure.  He's a sweet guy, means well, but it just irritates me. I have been semi-avoiding him since 1997, but still he persists. 

No response from Ex yet on the attorney thing. I am quite expecting him to get his attorney to call me back, or talk to my mom or something. I sent her an email warning her, under NO circumstances talk to him, there are lawyers involved. She sent me a sweet email saying she's got my back, and won't respond at all. Good, my mom has grown up, it seems.

Realistically, I am not expecting a lot to come from this, but at least a little sweating, on his part.  Make him realize that he doesn't always get his way with me, that I have my head screwed on right this time around, and am not willing to let him get away with shit, and want to do things LEGALLY.

Half the value of the house would be very nice though.

Eclipse.  Tonight I am celebrating with 2 REAL Soulsisters, women who are a real and meaningful part of my everyday life.  Burning a list of shit we want gone from our lives, in the back garden, to see what manifests through the 2nd end of this 28th eclipse wormhole. 

Scorpio sits in my 6th house which is health, the body, and daily grind job. (Not career, that's 10th house).  So, what do I want to manifest in the office?  ... 

Last night, I dreamt I was being royally fucked on my mom's couch, by one of my old coworkers, he's since moved on from the company, which is good. I never was attracted to him before, but after that dream last night?  Wow, that was a hot fuck.  (Though not the part about it being on my mom's couch!) Thankfully, he now lives on another continent.  He's also one of E's best friends.  (Hmm, maybe that's the key element there?)
Dreams are such an odd way for us to tell ourselves messages, aren't they?
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