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Electile Dysfunction

I am staying away as best as possible, from all things electional today.  Too scared.  I can't think what this country would look like with Rmoney in charge of it, in his magic underpants.  Horrific.  Inhumane. 

Please, please, for the love of God, don't vote for that corporate scumbag.

Mercury goes retrograde later today, and I have the feeling all hell will break loose and we won't know who won, or it will be contested, or.. or.. all manner of things strange that I don't even want to think about. 

For one, how in HELL do they know that all the NYers got to vote that wanted to?  NY is a largely Democratic place, surely.  That worries me greatly. 

I am out for a drink tonight with my Republican boss.  Bless, he means well, but he's so clueless, but we live in a Blue State here, so his vote won't count for shit anyway.  I hope.  So I might as well go have a drink with him. 

No word from CEO on my photos. Damn, why'd I have to fall in love with such a busy guy with a business to run?

Had lunch by myself today, albeit a short one, because we were so busy.  I have had a crazy day, and that's good, it's taking my mind off things.   
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