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Holy Dog Butts Batman!

CEO's in town tomorrow for a few days, and I'm all like, "Meh! That's nice.."  Which is a good thing. I am not totally freaking out, getting my knickers in a twist about it.  I think my crush must have abated somewhat.  Let's see if that's still the page I'm on tomorrow, eh?  ;-) 
I will no doubt write something about that over the next few days..

It's going to be a big week, astrologically.  Mars conjuncts Pluto tomorrow, then we have eclipse part II (on my fucking ASC, I am freaking about that one! Though I probably shouldn't..), and then Venus conjuncts Saturn, perhaps that's a little sweetness after the heavy and possibly accident-prone and dangerous Mars Pluto. 

Be careful out there!  It could get crazy.  If you can avoid anything like medical procedures, etc, please do. Mars and Pluto are not always a good combination.  Like I saw in one astro newsletter I get, Pluto = poo.  POO.  Yes, rotting, putrefaction, stink, death..

It's also about power and owning it, too, it's not all bad.  But just drive safe tomorrow, ok?   Don't take any stupid risks with anything.

Then there's this..  OMG..  Laughing so hard.  

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