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Had a couple of strange dreams this morning, one, about my family, my uncle came to me and asked me to watch a video he made of the family and sent me when I first moved away from home. It had my Grandad on it, but I'm sure in real life, he had died already?  I need to get that digitized, so I can watch again.  My cousins are all on there, they were probably about 12 or 13, they're all in their early 20's now.
Also dreamt I was in the most gorgeous house ever, it belonged to my high school girlfriend, and I had snuck in, trying to find her. 

The other dream was that Lam wanted to pass on a message to the OTO!  NOT my usual dream contents..    So I messaged a few of my local OTO friends, to be on the lookout for Lam.  Very odd, and somewhat disconcerting, he's a strange one.

Been doing some reading up on Lam this morning, there's apparently some contention whether or not Kenneth Grant went off on a bit of a crazy one there, and Lam was never really all that important to Crowley.  Some people have speculated that Lam was Aiwass, Crowley's spirit guide, but I don't see how or why that should be the case.  I'm sure the Universe is full of odd entities like both of them, no shortage..

Well, I will wait to see if any of my OTO folks respond.. lol  Probably they will just think I am crazy.  But, being as it was so unusual, I felt I had to at least share and see what came back.

~Oh dear, and I think my nice Catholic Republican CEO is going to be ok with this shit?? Um, I am realizing what a freak I am.. ;)  Perhaps that's Lam's message to me this morning. 
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