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Motivating Matty

This past weekend Matty was chatting with JF, a friend of ours whose blog is called Going Forward. Check it out if you get a chance.

At one point in their convo I asked Matty if we could get started on some house cleaning we needed to do. This was something we both had talked about (initiated by moi) and we had even come up with a list of things that needed attention.

Matty explained to JF that he needed to say good bye since we were starting to do some housecleaning. Apparently Matty also told him he had delayed getting started since he didn't like housecleaning and would chat with him later.

If you remember from a post I wrote a while back (here's the link), Matty HATES housework! With a passion. Give him a rake and he's out the door in record time to take care of the leaves. Give him his toolbox and he's checking how tight the screws are on the porch light. Give him his tape measure and he's checking the layout frame for the deck he's working on in the back. 

Ask him to be inside to help give the bathroom a thorough cleaning, or to vacuum the living room, or dust the furniture, or even clean out the toaster oven, and he somehow mysteriously disappears or goes incognito!

Well, I finally discovered a way to get him motivated to help clean the house. I think the pics below might explain my method.

I'm glad to report the house is now all nice and sparkly clean. Amazing what a little elbow grease will do. Oh, and promises of "after cleaning" rewards! LOL!

So, help me out here. This method I've discovered seems to work pretty well, and I'm doubting it will lose it's impact anytime soon, but what do you guys do to motivate your other half? Spill your methods, please! ;)
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