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Office Wife

Ahahaha..  I am laughing at this one.. From Russell Grant, one of my fave astrologers.  How true.

"You aren't able to articulate your desires. Working in silence will be frustrating. Learning to keep your thoughts to yourself in the face of opposition is a valuable skill. An overpowering executive is trying to push your buttons. By demonstrating grace under fire, you'll develop a loyal following. Don't be surprised when an important assignment is awarded to you. Someone at the top of the organisation knows they can rely on you to do a good job."


I could give him a good 'job'. Apparently I'm quite good at that.. And some.. It's been an interesting few days. CEO is still here until about 3, and he smells even more fucking delicious this morning than he did yesterday.  I just want to walk in there, and jump him.  Tear that shirt and those pants off, and push him onto the conference table...

I think I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I just need to go out and get fucking LAID.  I mean, big, athletic, noisy, hot, sweaty, exhausting, neighbour-disturbing monkey-sex, not just the quick bounce I get on top of E once in a while on a Saturday morning if we're not too hungry and need breakfast instead. 

Went to see my gay hairdresser friend last night, got my hair did, and asked him the question, "If you're a guy, and you meet somebody, and there's no buzz there, do you tell them immediately that you're happily married, as almost the first thing out of your mouth?"  "Hell no. He's into you, he feels something."  I love J.  He's so awesome. 
The conclusion we both got to, is that yes, he thinks CEO finds me hot, and had to over-compensate and get a little defensive of his marriage.  Normally people don't talk about how happily married they are, when they've just met a random new person, not unless they're really NOT into you, or are trying to convince themselves of something, or like he said, it's 3am, you're in a bar, and things are getting way too flirty and you're drunk, and having an attack of conscience, because you ARE happily married. Otherwise, it never really comes up, in 'innocent' conversation! He's right, I don't go around talking about E to everybody I meet. But then, I suppose I am not happily married.  I guess it's not impossible that he IS happily married, AND attracted to me, is it?  I forget what happy marriage is, or that it even exists, sometimes. 

He also said the 'mutual feeding' that's been going on between us is a sure sign of attraction. I got him grapes this morning, that got a huge grin and a thank you.  He didn't get time for breakfast.   

Always talk to your gay guy friends about this shit.

I got brave this morning, and asked CEO if he's got time for a coffee later? I probably shouldn't have.  He said he's really busy, then got all flustered and apologetic-looking, and backtracked a little, and said "I'm really slammed, but I'm sure I can find some time later, I'll let you know."  Cutest smile ever..
I think my gf S is right, she said I'm his "office wife".  I like that. 
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