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Bad morning.

I had about the worst morning ever. (OK, it's not the worst, I am not in Hiroshima, or Guantanamo or anywhere like that, but...)   I tried ordering food for CEO's lunch meeting, and got totally into melt-down.  Crappy place they wanted Mexican food from where nobody on the phone spoke English.  They wouldn't deliver, I had to find somebody to go pick it up, and it was all a gigantic nightmare, and they all have a lunch arriving late now, and I feel like a fool. And they got CEO's order wrong.
How hard is it to order 10 fucking chicken burritos??   Impossible, apparently, and boy, do I look like an incompetent asshole...
And E came over in the middle of all of that, to ask if I wanted to go to lunch, and I totally blew him off, I feel bad.  

On the upside, CEO is here, and he is sweet, he found it all funny, and he has a cold, and I want to take care of him.  :)

Office party tonight. 

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