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Feng Shui

E has been sick with a cold all weekend. I stayed there, and he was snoring so badly, I had to put earplugs in, and last night, had to sleep on the couch, it was so bad..  Poor guy.  I had it last week, everybody in our office has had it.

CEO's in town tomorrow again, for 3 days, I think. Office Xmas party on Tuesday, he'll be there.  I have planned what I'm wearing.  Awesome black heels I found, (not too high, or slutty, I can still walk in them and look ok), and some black jeans, cute expensive black designer shirt. Maximum flattering of flab, that's the plan. When in doubt wear black. (Sartorius, I know you will appreciate that sentiment!)

I have been Sacredizing my environment tonight, candles burning, incense too. I put a nice background behind a Virgin Mary statue I bought recently, and put some lights up around her, and also put up a lovely little Baphomet in a frame by the front door. Scare off intruders.. ;)  I also put up a gorgeous Hindu poster in my relationship zone, the Goddess Laskmi, and Ganesh.  It will do until I find something more suitable. It's better than what was there, a gorgeous Native American bear painting. I love it, but Bears represent being in a cave, I think. I want to come out of the fucking cave now. I put it up in my wisdom corner instead.  Ideally I'd like to find a really  nice Shiva-Shakti image.  Divine Tantric Fucking.

Lets see what shifts that lot all brings my way. I am a firm believer in Feng Shui and in creating a 'magickal' environment.  As above, so below, and all that.

I am up far too late, I can't switch my brain off, I have been full of energy tonight, got so much done!!  I need my beauty sleep, too.
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