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Dreamt I was at party with Chris, Maggie, a few girls from high school, and James our very cute muscular ex-FedEx guy was there. I went to lay down next to him, he rolled over and climbed on top of me, teased me with his dick for a while, almost put it in me, but not quite.. He stopped, and said we should wait to build more anticipation.  Like I wasn't hot enough already, after all that?? 
 I do like to be teased. The anticipation is sometimes more fun than the actual act. 

God James was hot..  A bit of an arrogant douche, sweet enough, but I would never date him. But he was surely very fuckable.  Massive biceps, he worked out a lot.  I don't normally go for muscles, but I just like guys like James. I was sad when he moved away. Great eye candy. Would make a good fuck-buddy, but a shit boyfriend.
Thankfully, our UPS guy is also a hottie, but not in the same kind of manly man way, more the pretty boy.     

Well, we all survived 12.21.12.   Not that I didn't think we wouldn't. I mean survived as in the emotional sense, kid of like you survive Christmas, or another year, rather than the apocalyptic.  I see some people in China were, weirdly, gathered on the mountain tops though, ready for God knows what.

I was scared I was going to die coughing. I was up at 3am when the Solstice was here, drowning in the contents of my own congested lungs. Ack.  I had my own snotpocalypse.  
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