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CEO wrote me a little diagram explaining taxes, when he was here last week, on a post-it. I have been trying to figure out what is so odd about it. Then it struck me. His handwriting is exactly like MINE.  No shit, I thought I was looking at my own note for a second this afternoon when I found it buried in my pile, then I realized what it was!  Weird. Or not so, if you believe graphologists, who say that handwriting is representative of personalities. I think in a lot of ways, he is a lot like me. Except he's the frigging CEO, and I'm just lower-level 'office admin', he's Catholic and I'm a big fat heretic, but yeah, we're similar. 

Going to dinner tonight with S, she's really having a shit time lately.  I think she wants to move back to her home country. I wouldn't mind, time for me to find new friends that don't have all that history with Ex and Master, etc.  She is really my last remaining contact with all that.

I have heard nothing from Ex about the attorney business.  I have a date with mine tomorrow at 4. Let's see what she says.  Closure, at least.  I hope so. 

Life has conspired again this week, to separate me and E. He's been busy working and out of the office today, and will be again tomorrow. I had a lunch hour to myself today, it was nice.  I might get one tomorrow, too.  That would be nice.

I did miss him a little on Sunday though. Just a little.  
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