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TS Girl

Had the weirdest dream..

Dreamt I hooked up at a party with this hot blonde TS girl who looked like a friend of mine and Sartorius'. We were at my mom's house and dad was there. I didn't want to fuck her there when my parents were home. Dad could see us, and I was getting really self-conscious about it.
Was delighted to find she hadn't gone through the whole change, and still had a dick!!

I have only ever 3 times in my life been attracted to another woman, that I can recall.  My bf in school, though I'm not sure that was sexual as such, more emotional. There was a girl at a party that my neighbour threw in my mid 20's, Sarah, my neighbour's niece. I think that was mutual, though nothing happened, I was far too scared.
And the woman I dreamt about this morning, her friend.  I kissed her, slow danced at a party, but that was as far as that ever went. 

I did sleep with my bf in my late 20's, but that was more her instigation than mine, and it was kind of a 3 some, her husband was there, though didn't really participate. I didn't really want to, wasn't 'into' her in that way, went along with it more as an experiment, really. I am an Aquarian, after all. I like to observe things with a certain detachment. 

Over all though, I can safely say, I like dick. 
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