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Hermetically Sealed

I have a relative from home staying for a few weeks, she's a lot of fun, it's a nice break from the normal. We went into town late last night to see a Burlesque show! It was great, but I got home far too late. I am feeling old. She's much younger than me, and I'm afraid I can't keep up. I had to be in work at 8 this morning, too.

She said to me during the show, "There's a great Fetish club in [my home town], I haven't been yet, but I'd like to, it sounds great!"  Too funny. I guess some things are genetic.  She is very much like me, the younger sister I never had. 

I am feeling like crap today, I can't do too much of that, late nights, and getting up for work the next day. 

Having her here will be nice, it will get me out of my box, my pattern, for a little while.  We are travelling both weekends she's here, and I can't wait. E stays too close to home, I love to travel, he does not. 

Lots of change in my life at the moment. Work particularly. It's bitchy-woman's last day. She quit/got fired yesterday.  We have worked together for 10 years now, it will be strange to not have her here. I love her, odd as that sounds, and I can only hope that not working here any more, will restore her formerly lovely self, and the bitchy side will go away. She said she quit because she didn't like who she was becoming.  Good for her. 

And I am moving desks in a few weeks apparently. I am not best pleased about that. I like where I am, and they want to move me to be near the OTHER office bitch.  The nosey one, who overlooks everything I do, and thinks she's the boss of me. She ain't, not even close.  She is in for a shock.

(Sartorius, I am sorry, that is going to make talking on the phone at work even harder!!)

Anyway.. Things are happening here, life is getting interesting, one way or another.   Some movement, after what feels like quite a (I want to say 'stagnant' but that's too strong and negative!), 'stable' time lately.  I think that's mostly a good thing though.

My tarot reader said a few months back that there would be change at work in January that I wouldn't initially like the sound of, but would be very good for me, ultimately. He's been right about almost everything else, so far.

He also predicted that I would meet somebody in about Feb/March time that would sweep me off my feet, a real romantic, that would treat me the way I wanted to be treated. None of my previous men have been all that romantic, it would be a nice change. 
But I realized after talking to Sartorius, that perhaps that's not what I'm looking for at the moment, it would be inconvenient and complicated!!  Things are not perfect now with E, but they're ok, I am starting to appreciate him much more in the last week or so, things are familiar and comfortable, and that's not a bad thing.  I am not sure I have room in my life for a more intense relationship, or am ready to ditch E! I quite like the thing that me and E have, the casualness of it, he really doesn't mind if I take off and expand a little, I am realizing.  I dig that.  I need freedom. And he is a very mature human being, in a lot of ways.
At this point in my life, the thought of a whole new relationship just makes me think, "Oh, more time I can't have to myself".. 

I guess these things always come along when you're not looking for them, don't they? So maybe I will meet somebody. I have no idea where though, my social life is somewhat hermetically sealed in some ways!  I think that's about to change too.
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