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Dark Void

I must be having work-anxiety. I dreamt last night that I was being stalked by some guy as I got off a bus, and I started to run towards my office for safety, and when I got there, the street ended, there was no office, only the Dark Void of space.. Like the office had just been blasted away, out of the physical universe, and the space-time continuum. 

I had asked for a few dreams to help me understand where my life is at at the moment, and the last 2 nights have brought 2 interesting dreams!  Hope this doesn't mean I am going to lose my job!  :-/

The previous night was weird too.

 I was with one of my female co-workers, and there were stray dogs in a derelict building with us, some disaster had happened, and the dogs had nowhere else to go, and more kept arriving, and knew we would take care of them. There were 3 bodies in coffins, and the funeral was with her, our accountant and IT guy, who were laughing and being completely irreverent. (very unlike Accounting guy!) IT guy was arranging the coffins ready for burial. I had one of my old school friends on hold on the phone, while I was trying to attend the funeral, and felt bad that I had forgotten her. I went and hung up the phone, not realizing she was still waiting for me.
I yelled at E for always criticising my clothes (which he never does in real life!), and saying they were too tight and didn't fit me any more and I should buy new ones. I told him I could not afford to replace all my clothes, and had to still wear them for a while. Iggy Pop was there somewhere in the middle of all that. Somehow he was also E.

I love Iggy.  :)

Taking care of stray dogs, laughing at death with the accountant, and encountering the Void instead of my office.  I'd say those were some pretty crazy dreams. 

Mars and Venus both change signs today, into Pisces and Aquarius respectively.  I am looking forward to having Venus in my sign, (and transiting my MC for my solar return!) instead of Mars!  I have been mildly feverish and coughing, about since Mars went into Aquarius in about mid December, I think!  Even wondering if I have pneumonia. There's a lot of that around this year. 

E and I are going away this weekend, I can't wait, actually.  I think I am starting to feel better about our relationship too, since I let go of my crush on CEO. E loves me. He really does. That's very valuable to me.

And JUST as I hit publish, CEO called. Haven't spoken to him for more than a week. 

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