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Healing Dream

Dreamt I was with one of my astrologer friends, he was sitting up in bed, trying to sleep, not able to, he was in a lot of pain. I put my arms around him and he fell asleep, and the Reiki started to flow. I nestled up against his shoulder and we slept for a while like that.
 When he was asleep, there was a rat that ran past. I coaxed it over with some food and caught it and put it outside. It was a cute rat, brown and white, like a domesticated, not a wild one.

Interesting, I know he's been in a lot of pain lately.  I will message him my dream on Facebook.  It's always odd dreaming about people so specifically like that.

Had an odd weekend, E has been out for the count with flu, AGAIN, my God, he gets sick so often! So I have had a nice weekend, I have been up early and out and about, by myself, and my own house. I have got a lot done. I have had mixed feelings, loved the freedom, but also realizing that if I was single, life would be harder, I would get lonely.  Hhmm.

Neighbors were up late last night shouting and yelling, they took it out into the street. Nice..  I think the cops came.  Oh, I forget, because I'm not here on weekends usually, how alcohol probably doesn't make this neighborhood a nice place to be on weekend nights.

And yeah, since that Gnostic Mass I went to, things between E and  me are definitely changing, the Universe is conspiring to keep us apart more often. That's not a bad thing.  I am getting half of what I asked for, at least.
I didn't get any response from CEO about renting my neighbor's condo when he's here. I am not surprised. I know what will happen though, he will talk to me about it when he's here next, probably, and apologize for not getting back to me about it. That's the usual pattern.  I am not holding my breath.  :-/
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