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I am IMing my counterpart in CEO's office, she's a riot. Love her. We haven't met yet, but we IM all the time. She also said she thinks CEO's hot. I didn't tell her the extend of my previous mad crush, but I gather a lot of the women there think he's hot.
But apparently, they don't all get the flirty treatment from him! That's nice to know.  :)

There is a lot of intrigue and illicit sexual encounters in that office, I gather. None of it with him though, he is, in fact, happily married.  I am glad.  I want him to be.  Even if I never get what I want. That's ok. Because honestly, I don't know what it is that I want.  

That dream this morning was SO lovely..  I want that. Andy is just a face for it. but I want that feeling.  I think that dream helped me feel that it's not impossible for me to fall in love again, for real.   I have been so very, very shut down.  Time to heal.  
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