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Love, plain & simple

Matty and I had a really nice time yesterday celebrating Valentine's Day. But...

Sure, the foot soak at the spa was really nice.

The couples massage was really nice.

Having a dozen chocolate roses delivered was really nice.

Dressing up and going out to dinner was really nice.

But during the day we started thinking about all the "trappings" we had scheduled. And we realized that the absolute best part of the day ended up being the time we spent together. Alone. Not the time we spent together doing all these "things." I'm talking about the quiet moments we spent together when nobody else was around.

During the afternoon we decided to look at some pictures we had taken over the years since we've been together. Just the two of us sitting together on the sofa, our feet on the coffee table, talking about our memories.

Nothing fancy. No glitz. Just sitting together on the sofa next to each other.

Remembering. Holding hands. Cuddling. Chuckling to each other. Just quiet time. Alone. Nothing fancy.

It was really nice.

We both agreed that all the extra stuff we did was enjoyable. But there was something missing from all that.

There were too many people around with the "extra stuff" we did. It ended up being more distracting that we expected. Again, it was all nice. But.
If we had it all to do over again, we probably would have just planned a few simple things. Nobody else around. Just the two of us. We don't regret all the different things we did. It's not that. It was more a realization that we just needed some quiet, non-busy time together.

After all, this was about us. Not all the "stuff" we did. Not the glitz.

It sorta struck us that "love" doesn't have to be so "busy," if that makes any sense. Yeah, there are times when planning lots of "stuff" together is fun and can be important. But I guess we both realized that for yesterday, all we really needed was just a quiet day. Together.

Love, plain and simple. And yesterday, that part ended up being more than enough.
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