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I have a quiet moment, hopefully, to update in work.  I am exhausted, so much to get used to being in a new environment in work.
(Ha, so things got busy, took me an hour to finally write something.)

So, I am thinking about going to a local Fetlife munch. (Don't like the term 'munch' for some reason). 

I had a chat last night with E about that, and he's open to me going along.  I explained to him that I just need that, and it's about exploring my own inner boundaries, rather than anything else. I told him that I could go play with somebody and it didn't mean that sex was a prerequisite, some people just like being tied up, and others like to tie, doesn't mean we have to fuck. (Yeah, right.. I think at this point in my life, I know myself probably too well). He was actually pretty cool about it all.  I asked if he'd like to go with me.  He said yes, but I get the feeling that was really only because he didn't want me there by myself unsupervised.. ;-)  It's really NOT his thing.
But the upside is, he said he has known me long enough to know what I'm like, and that I was into this from the start. I was up front about that much with him. 
He knows I'm not 'normal'.  That is a step forward for me, not to be secretive, and hold out on him, and not tell him what I'm up to. 

So somehow, I allowed our sex life to become totally fucking vanilla and monotonous. It started out great! That's on me, in part. That's not him, not entirely.  I am lazy. It was just easier to allow things to get stale. And that's who he is, and I also, knew that about him when we got together. It's not a surprise to find myself bored with him, not like I didn't see that coming.
 I really don't have much energy for sex at the moment. Generally speaking, about this entire phase of my life. Perhaps that's because I'm not with the right person.
 Sex isn't that important to me, at present. But there's just something about my emotional life that's bugging me, too, as much as anything.  I was also trying politely to explain that to E.  I hope I didn't hurt him. 

Everything in the sky is in Pisces right now, pretty much, I think about 5 or 6 planets. I have noticed I am a lot more psychic than normal, this last week. Lots of empathic and telepathic incidences occurring.  Like when CEO called, and I knew it was him, three times in about an hour. And he really only calls me about once a week, at most. The last time he called, I told him that.  Ha. He's here next week for 3 days.  :)
Looking forward to it, but not in an obsessive crush kind of way, just nice eye-candy, a little flirting opportunity, and that's all.  It's a nice break from the normal routine. 

Meanwhile, I am still off the booze. I have had one shot of whiskey last Friday night, and nothing else, for almost 2 weeks now!  I am proud of myself. I am allowing myself one drink, sometimes 2, a week, depending on social circumstances. I am not being too rigid, "OK, that's IT, I've QUIT!" about it all.  I just need to lose the weight, and give my liver a break. And I just didn't like how hammered I got when I was out with my coworker. That could have ended badly.    

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