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Murky Depths

Feeling somewhat po'd at the Universe today.. CEO is in another part of the office now, not across from my desk any more, since I moved.  He's been here 2 days and I haven't said more than 3 words to him, or seen him for more than about a minute. I didn't get a hug hello, or anything!  Ha.  That's ok. I was feeling a little sad on the way to work this morning about that. 
We need to move him nearer to me, next time he's in town.  It's practically and logistically better that way, honest.
I feel a little snubbed. Which is stupid, he will probably be all warm and lovely and apologetic, when he leaves tomorrow.  Which is always the way people are, isn't it, when they're leaving. 
I took him a cup of tea about 3pm yesterday, he was in a meeting, so I could not interrupt, but just left it on his desk. He looked very grateful. 

Having a shitty day, not just because of that. Other stuff at work, some crappy projects I have been given, making my brain hurt.  I have a headache coming on. I didn't even get a lunch break today, there was no coverage for me, both people that usually do that were out, one was sick, one at a Dr's appointment. 

People are dying, too. Sister just got in touch with a good friend from school via FB, and she's in the hospice, about to die of cancer. FFS.

People are also drinking that shouldn't be. One of my good friends fell off the wagon the other day, and posted all over FB that he was drinking again.

I dreamt about Ex last night, and Master, too, and Ex's skank.  She was trying to talk to me, I kept right on ignoring the stupid ugly cunt.  

Fuck Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  Fuck Mercury retrograde. It's all dragging so much shit up from the murky depths. I want to come up for air. 

Good news!!  Let's end on that.  They caught the fucktard who was attacking women in our neighborhood yesterday, in a big police showdown.  I can go out walking at night again like I love to do!! 

That, and I got new contact lenses again after a year of not having them, and forgetting to get an appointment for another eye test.  I can see clearly again, at least. Even if I can't see clearly internally, I can externally.  Maybe now I will get my inner vision back again too, and start to see what direction my life is going in.


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