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Sexy Toes

I had my toenails lasered today.  I have fungussy toenails on my right foot, all lumpy and yellow and disgusting, not very sexy, which I usually cover up by slathering on massive amounts of nail polish in the summer. I always get so conscious of them and embarrassed about them.  They've been that way since I was a teenager, too.

So, that takes about 2 months apparently, to start to show a difference and grow out. Then, I go back for another treatment if it needs another one.

The reason I wrote about that, is because of the effect is has on my confidence!  I just have prayed before not to have met a foot fetishist.. ;)    So, I might have sexier feet soon!  I am determined to make this better lately. I am not going to put up with it any more. 

What they do, they file and/or cut off all the dead yellow nail as much as they can, because the laser penetrates 2mm down into the nail, to kill the fungus. It heats up to 145 degrees, which hurts! It's not horrific, but I did wince and pull my foot away from the laser a few times!  They go over your nails back and forth for about probably 10-15 minutes all together. It's a bright green laser, looks like the one I play with the cat with.

My toes are sore now. Not too bad, but they know something has happened to them.

They gave me lots of advice about how to keep my toes fungus-free. Don't wear the same damn shoes every day!  3-4 days between a wear, rotate your shoes, to allow them to dry out and the fungus to die back a little. Constant application of athlete's foot cream.  Spray the bottom of your bath/shower tub with 20/80 bleach and water.  Never go barefoot at the public pool or sauna! Never go to the nail salon.  (I don't anyway, have only ever once been for a pedicure with D, Master's friend, who took me last year for my birthday!)
And apparently, you can get a shoe-sterilizer for home use for $130, they sterilized my shoes for me while I was being treated.  I didn't buy one of those.. lol 

So, just as I was writing this, CEO calls, and apologizes for teasing me yesterday..  He ends with, "We'll again talk soon, ok?"  Yes, definitely ok.   I swear, he DOES call me every time I write a blog post here! It's ridiculous!! I knew it was him, too.  I told him that I knew it was him, too.  One day, he is going to suck my nice new sexy toes, like the good Catholic boy he is..Or else..  I did NOT tell him that though. :)

I am going out tonight with my neighbor, she's so lovely. Pre-birthday celebration. Can't believe I'm about to turn 4x..  I don't like being in my 'early 40s', which I guess is better than late 40s, but still, I am 24 inside!  I do not think of myself as a 40-something!! Holy shit!!

2 weeks time, and I am going in for my first treatment to get my whole brazilian laser done, too. Can't wait to have no hair there!  I shave currently, and it's such a pain to have that growing back, prickly and uncomfortable.  I am going for the full deal, 6 treatments, I got that on Groupon! Thankfully, because it's normally SO expensive.Wanted to get that done before I go too grey! 

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