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Walther P22

There have been a few attacks on women this last week in my 'hood, which is a little scary, I live in a 'nice' neighborhood! We're not used to that.  I walk by myself at night a LOT. Like, most nights. I love being alone in the dark, walking the streets by myself, it fascinates me. I love the lighting, the mood, the windows you can see into.  Not in any voyeuristic sense, but just curiosity about how other people live their lives, how they decorate, etc.
That and I need the exercise!!

Anyway, I am so pissed at this asshole. I refuse to be scared, to be this guy's victim in ANY sense of the word, I will not stay in my house, scared to go out by myself.

I have a knife, and pepper spray, and serious attitude.  Oddly, I am thinking about getting a gun. Though, procrastination will probably win out. My Republican boss sent me this pic of a pink Walther, which he was not expecting me to say I wanted! ;)

One of our guys here is a serious martial artist, runs his own dojo, and another is a serious guns expert, I think I could be learning how to take better care of myself shortly. 

I was attacked when I was 14 by 2 guys I knew in school. I would never let that happen again. Believe me, I would use that fucking Walther.  One shot to the leg, or the crotch. Nothing fatal.

I should add, if you're going to get a gun, make sure you are properly trained, and prepared to USE it. Too many people aren't, and will get the gun taken away by their assailant, and used against them.

I grew up with guns, I know how to shoot. I have shot many pistols and a few rifles in my time, and generally consider myself reasonably capable, but I would still want to take a refresher course before getting one!  Better safe than sorry.

Oh, and just out of curiosity, I googled 'date local cops', and there are several websites you can go to to date cops! Who knew.. I do, now.

I do like men in uniform, with handcuffs. Cops are hot.

Ladies, if you are EVER attacked, make as much noise as you can, attackers don't want to draw attention to what they're doing. And PUT UP A FIGHT! men don't want you to struggle. Sounds stupid, but a lot of women don't struggle, they just get scared and let shit happen to them. FIGHT BACK. 
This asshole in my neighbourhood hasn't successfully attacked a woman yet, they've all fought back and escaped, thankfully.

A cop I talked to about this, not so long ago, also said that if you ever feel even 'weirded out' by a guy when you are walking alone at night, dial 911 immediately.  Even if you're just feeling scared.

I carry a legal knife on me, it's less than 3", has a folding handle, and fits nicely on my keychain. I always have it handy when I am out by myself. I also have pepper spray. You are allowed that, and a small personal taser, legally. 
I also heard from my martial arts guy, that carrying a solid metal flashlight is not considered a weapon, but you sure as hell can do damage with one of those.

Best of all ladies, get trained, learn to shoot, take a self-defense class. I did several years back, and have been grateful for the confidence it gave me.  I think I need a refresher course.  Might not be a bad idea.   
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