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So, big stuff happening..  My Uncle passed away on Friday. My mom called, which I wasn't expecting, as he was my Dad's brother, but I guess my Dad wasn't up to calling.
I am off to the UK in a few days to see my Dad, and to help out with all of that, if I can. I will at least take him out for a pint, that's the British thing to do.  ;)

I 'knew' it was going to happen, on some level, I was thinking about him a lot.  I went out that previous night, and bought him a card I was going to send the next day, then got the call from Mom! I missed him, but he was really in my thoughts all that evening.  We do know.

A last minute international trip is not cheap. I blew out my savings on that one.. But, I'm sure Dad will offer a little help towards it. It is kind of nice, to be going home again so soon, after I was there last time less than 6 months ago. It feels like a very nice emotional continuity. Usually it's so long between visits, so much changes, and I feel like a stranger in my own country.  I should get back more often.

My passport expires very soon. I can just squeeze in this trip before that runs out, I would have been screwed if that had all happened a month later, even.  Something told me not to renew just yet, and to hold on to it. If I had done what logically I should have done, and sent it away, I'd not have been able to travel!! 

Trust those instincts, even if you think they are just procrastination. Something was definitely nagging at me not to send it off just yet.
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