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S and CEO

Dreamt S came to visit. CEO was already here. Me, S, and my dad, were watching tv on the couch. CEO was sitting in corner feeling a little left out, so I invited him over to join us. He had a weird tribally tattooed cone head. (What the flying FUCK??)

S and I were swimming in the ocean, it was at night but it was lit like a pool, the water was phosphorescent, and warm even though it was winter.  
We were driving really fast over bumpy mountain rd, with Dad in the back of the car. We didn't feel the pot holes as the car's suspension and tires were really really good. 

At one point, a young S from 20 years ago, with curly black hair was in bed with me, laying on top of me. There was no sex, but it was really nice and familiar, comforting and intimate to feel his weight on top of me.  :)

CEO has been calling all day, which is nice. He needn't, he has people's cell phones, he could quite easily reach them directly rather than through me. 
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