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Update From The Bed...

Sooooooo..... I'm definitely showing marked improvement. On track for Monday release. Lungs have improved. Up back to 80%. Blood sugar excellent. Blood pressure averaging 120/80. Fever gone. Still tired tho. But that's to be expected.

Thankfully it's Attenborough night on the free to air TV - so I can geek out. You all know how much I lervs me some Sir David.


Lunch - roast beef w veges. And hospital gravy. 6/10. Nutritional but not the best thus far.

Lunch dessert - listed as fruit jelly. Swear to G-d it tasted like roll on deodorant. 3/10

Canulas came out of the left arm today. Gonna be some great bruises there in a couple of days

Dinner -

Chicken Noodle Soup - salt soup w some squishy things actually. 4/10.

Beef Stew w veges - the weekend food here sucks. I've tasted asses. They were better than this. Mashed potatoe should not be solid should it?
1/10 - it only gets a one for the nutritional content.

Ok all. Attenborough time.

Play nice. We'll be back to predictable nudes and peen soon.


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