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What really matters

Thank you, Carnell, for sending me this quote. Those of you who know me are already aware that I like to collect different quotes, especially ones that speak to me in a very personal way. The ones I keep going back to always make me think and I often find new angles each time I read them.
When I read this one, it made me think about how I try sometimes to compare myself to other people, especially people who have qualities I like and sometimes find lacking in me.
My friend Ivan sometimes points out how I compare myself to others. He says the only person I need to compare myself to is myself. I have my own values, my own standards, my own life goals, my own dreams, and if I compare myself to anyone, it should be myself. Like, how am I measuring up to what I want to do with my life? How am I measuring up to my own goals and values and standards? He says the only thing that really matters is that I do my best in anything I do and not compare myself to where others are.
For example, I may not be as smart as this one kid in my class who seems to have the entire Wikipedia programmed in his head and can do these really fast searches on the spot. But I've already proven to myself that I can handle college-level work. I'm no dummy. And it's a waste of time to compare myself with this kid.
Another example is that I may not be as socially outgoing as Matty, but I can learn from him if I want to be less shy. Or, I can see my shyness as a strength and something to be proud of. I can keep doing what I'm learning to do, which is to accept and love myself even if I'm a little more withdrawn and quieter than others. It takes all types, right? Plus Matty loves my shyness. He says it's one of the sexiest things about me.
So, yes, like the quote says, it doesn't matter how "the world" sees me. It only matters how I and the people in "my world" see me. I feel like I've been making a little progress in accepting myself and being true to who I am. And the people in my world who really matter? Well, all I can say is Thank you.
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