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Wow, my body cooperated. I got my period today, not when we were away for the weekend!
We had a really lovely weekend away at the coast, and I got the chance to take photos, something I love to do, I am a bit of a photography nut. I have a constant stream on Flickr of images, which I'd love to link to, but that would blow my cover.
Here's one that  won't, that I didn't upload to Flickr. Not my best, but it'll pass, and make the page a bit less dull to look at.

I never go anywhere without at least 2 cameras. You think I'm joking? iPhone and a small Canon point and shoot that I carry with me everywhere. At the weekend I took my big sexy Nikon. The camera equivalent of driving a convertible BMW over a Ford Fiesta. Everything sounds good and clicks nicely, and it has a huge phallic lens. I think I get lens envy.  ;-) 

Took a lovely photo of E, he was really pleased. He doesn't feel like he's all that photogenic, and usually hates photos of himself, but I got one just right, and he's updated his FB profile with it!
Talking of which, both our statuses still say 'single'. He's not a flagrant attention-whore like I am.

I am having lunch with Master in about 1/2 an hour, and am a little nervous, honestly. About what, I don't know. Feeling like I might spill the beans about E, and get some harsh feedback, possibly. All I have to do is keep my damn trap shut, really. I am a compulsive truth-teller, even when it does me no good.  I think that's just as  bad as being a compulsive liar sometimes. It has certainly never helped me much. People don't always want to hear it, do they? That, and my sense of self-preservation could be better.
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